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Slab Leaks

Stone Creek Plumbing Service uses electronic locating equipment to pinpoint leaks in a concrete slab.  The locating equipment minimizes the time of service work and overall intrusion in the slab and flooring material.  Once the leak is located, repair to water lines is completed in the most efficient manner possible.  Service can be provided for both hot & cold water supply lines and all drainage lines. Stone Creek offers an unique option when possible and that is to re-route the water lines overhead.  Rerouting lines overhead minimizes the intrusion in the slab & flooring material creating less mess, saving cost and getting your service back in order as soon as possible.  
  1. pinhole eaten into pipe
  2. pinhole in pipe closeup
  3. completed repair
  4. pinhole in pipe
  5. slab leak detection
  6. accessing slab leak through floor

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